Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I'm not dead, just stupid!

Well, hello, all you person who reads my blog! I'm ba-a-a-a-a-ck! The main reason I was away was because I, um, forgot the password I chose for this site so I couldn't get in. My first try at trying to get the site to remind me of it was unsuccessful so I left in a rage. (I have a really, really short fuse, especially with household appliances, of which I consider my computer one. They should do what I say, when I say it, or they should just go away and die. Painfully, in horrible shame that they have disobeyed their master. Clearly I was born in the wrong time and place. I was meant to be Atilla the Hun. My children might say I actually am quite a reasonable facsimile.)
(What a long parenthetical aside!)
So, since I've been gone I have learned absolutely nothing about how to blog better. I still don't know how to download pictures. I don't know how to make links.
I have learned that the office I work for is shortly to become pretty much completely virtual; that is, I will pick up and return the work I do via computer. This is a good thing in that I will save gas money commuting (although it really wasn't very far). It is a bad thing in that it is something else I have to learn how to do on my computer, one more thing to go completely wrong through absolutely no fault of my own.
A few weeks ago, my computer deleted Word. Just that one program; everything else peacefully remained. I did not ask it to do that. I in no way wished it to do that. I am quite certain I did not inadvertently simultaneously click a combination of keys that would cause the computer to believe I wanted Word deleted. It just did it because a nasty, poopy-headed poltergeist lives inside it.
When I went to reinstall Word, it toyed with me. At first it pretended it would do it, and then suddenly it refused, told me it wasn't in the mood and left me engorged with frustrated hope. Hope-teasing, poopy-headed poltergeist.
Then, as I was sitting there fuming over this, it suddenly began deleting everything else, one program after another. Poof, poof, poof. Gone, gone, gone, until finally even Windows was gone and I was left with an empty shell of nothingness.
I made great haste to fetch my techie 21-year-old son, who thus far has always been able to fix everything the computer poltergeist throws at me. He took one look at this situation, however, went very pale, and told me I was on my own.
Anyway, before I start perseverating here, I'm out of amusing anthropomorphical metaphors, so the end of the story is simply that a Geek Squad person came and slew the poltergeist -- at least for now -- and retrieved all my stuff and was my best friend o day.
So I'm back, maybe. I don't know how often I'll blog, but from time to time I'll have something to say or feel particularly witty (if only in my own imagination) and I'll appear again.

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Kate said...

Shheeee's baaaack!