Friday, May 25, 2007

I am losing my mind

Hi, blog world! Haven't blogged in awhile because I've been extremely busy with that stupid making-a-living stuff. And one of my many fans actually complained about my lack of bloggage! I had no idea anyone could possibly actually care if I wrote any of my nonsense here or not! What a tremendous number of exclamation marks in this paragraph!!!!!

So anyway, busy busy with work. I'm training a new transcriber, who is fortunately brilliant and therefore easy to train (and who reads this blog -- Hi, Katie!), but it is time-consuming on top of doing my own work. Plus we've been going out to look at houses (no luck yet) and getting some stuff done around this house, and there have been a few days lately where I've felt as if I'm losing my mind.

Well. There are many who would say that I've always been a little peculiar (Hi, family! Hi, Jaynut!) but thanks to my lifelong journal-keeping, I can actually pinpoint the day when I began losing my mind. It was October 14, 1995.

My daughter had had a friend sleep over the previous night. The two seven-year-olds had been rambunctious and I was ready for Stephanie to go home. So as my husband was out in the one car we owned at the time, I called her mother to come fetch her (because that's what we Boomer parents did, right? No walking allowed!) I felt a little badly about not being able to run Stephanie home myself, so I began our conversation apologizing for this and requesting a pick-up before 11, as I had to go out then. I added, "if Rob is back with the car by then", which was silly because where I wanted to go was just to a neighbour's and I didn't even need the car. In fact, I knew perfectly well Rob would not be back by 11, so already I was starting to make no sense.

Then it struck me that Brenda might think it odd that if I was heading out at 11, I couldn't just drop Stephanie off on my way, and out of my mouth came the following bizarre words: “I’d bring her home myself then but I don’t know exactly where I’m going yet. I’m waiting for word.”


I’m waiting for word?? WORD???? Word from who? Is the Lord going to speak, giving me direction (perhaps to where my brain is lying)? I don’t know where I’m GOING?

Somehow Stephanie was permitted to continue to be friends with my daughter. They are good friends to this day. I always feel as if her mother is looking at me funny, though.

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