Thursday, May 17, 2007

In Which No One is Grown Up or Stupid

By now you will have noticed that my blog is not like other blogs. I don't talk about my day or what's going on in my life. I don't do this because this is what it would look like if I did:

1. Got up. 2. Read the paper. 3. Had a shower. 4. Worked. 5. Went to Safeway/dry cleaner/bank. 6. Worked. 7. Made dinner. 8. Watched TV. 9. Went to bed.

So now you know exactly what goes on in my life, and instead I can happily blog my little thoughts and memories.

However, I have just read over my entire blog oeuvre (no, this does not mean egg. Or ovary., people), and was a bit startled to discover that three themes seem to keep cropping up. One is the subject of grownupness (don't try that one on, whether it be my children's or my own. The second is that children, particularly my own, are stupid. And the third is Myanmar, but that was on purpose.

My younger child turning 18 and me turning 50 occurred within a couple of weeks of each other not so many months ago and I suppose that's why the subject of grownupitude is much on my mind these days. As to the subject of children being stupid and perhaps more trouble than they're worth, of course I don't really mean that. Really. Although it has now been scientifically proven with medical brain scans of some sort that teenagers' brains actually do work differently -- that is, more stupidly -- than adult brains. But that doesn't mean I should go on and on about it.

So I promise to find some new subjects and shut up about grownupiturity and stupid children. I make no such promise about Myanmar.

And now if you'll excuse me, I must go and Step 4.

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