Saturday, January 26, 2008


Well, I’m trying to keep up the blog, but the muse has really deserted me. (Desertion is her default position. It’s more notable when she actually pays me a visit. Annoyingly, she often chooses to do so at 3 a.m., when magnificent swaths of golden prose will suddenly appear in my brain. If only it -- my brain -- had a Print button. Maybe one day…)

So we fall back once again on the What I Did Today theme.

I did not begin the day with my beloved Saturday paper, because when I arose at 7:30 it was not on my porch. This could not be blamed on the snow, which had not yet begun to fall. So I phoned the newspaper office and pushed various buttons until I got to the one that promised a paper would be couriered to me pronto. Some time later, something made me look in my mailbox, and there snuggled my paper, fitting so well I would never have known it was there until Monday except for that nudge of a hunch. The paperman has never before put it in my mailbox. It was a silly thing to do. And a half-hour after that, the automated button delivery truck appeared and SRH and I had the luxury of a paper each. (I really, really love my newspaper, and normally SRH is not permitted to sully its pristine daily virginity before I have my way with it. It’s one of those marital quirks you just have to accept in your spouse.)

No time to read the paper then, however. Had to get over to Safeway and stockpile groceries against this alleged major snowstorm. I was not the only person with this idea.

Back home, still no snow. Decided to get my weekend’s worth of transcribing all done today so that I could have tomorrow entirely off. It’s very seldom that I take an entire day completely off, but that is my plan for tomorrow. So I rattled away at my keyboard for a couple of hours.

Still no snow. Was in a baking mood so made some banana bread and apple-oat squares. (Apparently I was in a very fruity baking mood.)

Neighbour MSL (Magic Sock Lady) wanted to take a break from her own busy day so came over for tea and a game of Life. I never get tired of that game, especially the new electronic version Santa brought to our house at Christmas. I got married, had a baby girl but proved barren after that, enjoyed a flourishing career as a clown, started a successful sushi business, won a lottery, went hot-air ballooning, took a vacation in the Sahara (but it rained the whole time), and about a dozen other wonderful things, all the space of an hour. MSL beat me.

Then I finished my typing, and had a little while to scan this week’s People magazine before time to make dinner. (Yes, I confess, I read People each and every week. I maintain it’s research for the pop culture questions in my crossword puzzles.) Good dinner tonight: prawns sauteed in garlic, butter and white wine with rainbow rice (rice with peppers in it), and peas. Peas are boring but SRH likes them. Well, I do, too. Do you suppose there are people who don’t like peas?

Somewhere around lunchtime, the snow did arrive and continues to do so. But that’s okay. My only plans for tomorrow involve a book, a fire, an iPod and maybe some hot chocolate and banana bread! Oh, and maybe I'll have time to read the paper.

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