Saturday, May 3, 2008

Just Holding My Spot...

I am blogging today. I am not doing this because the muse has returned -- she hasn’t, at all -- but because I am afraid if I don’t, I’ll get booted off this website. I suspect one has to show a certain amount of activity.

So here I am, actively blogging.

We haven’t found a house. The new realtor is doing his thing and we have looked at a few, but nothing suits. I know we’re being very picky, but we just don’t want to end up in something we’re not happy with. But I’ll confess, I’m getting a little depressed. Going out to look at houses is no longer exciting but a big chore. I suppose one of these days we’ll finally just settle. But we’re not quite there yet.

VCCGirl is annoyed because this next house was supposed to be her turn at having a private space such as her brother has enjoyed in the current house for the past four or five years. Now it’s taken us so long that her time to benefit from such a perk would be short. She will graduate with her diploma a year from now and plans to blow the parental popsicle stand the minute she’s working full-time.

I’m annoyed because we would have done all kinds of renos to this house if we’d known we’d be here this long. But we can’t start a renovation when the house of our dreams might suddenly appear the minute we gutted the kitchen. It’s very frustrating.

The Lad is delighted because he’s out of here this summer without ever having to leave his lovely space in our basement for a little room down the hall from his parents in a smaller house, as he had feared.

Anyway, BOR-ING. (And quite poorly written.) But keeping Grammar’s blogspot in place until the muse returns from sabbatical.

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