Saturday, January 19, 2008

An Ode to Socks

A long time ago, when I was a young and ignorant 50-year-old, I did something very foolish, as the young will do. I made fun of my friend’s membership in the Sock of the Month club. I did it in a public way, in this forum. That is why I am now humbling myself in the same place.

KCL knits stunningly beautiful socks. Everyone in her world, except for me, has benefited from numerous pairs of these lovingly hand-crafted hose. I was not permitted any, my feet frozen out by mockery. As time went by, and I aged and matured and the blinders fell from my eyes, I saw how lovely, how unique, how deliciously warm and cozy and real KCL’s socks were. I coveted a pair, but dared not beg.

But KCL is a forgiving friend. Yesterday I was finally privileged to receive a pair of her socks. Skillfully fitted to my stubby little feet, perfectly ankle-high, they are striped rose and green and warm and soft and wonderful. Wearing them, I cannot imagine why anyone would want to wear store-bought socks. Why did we stop making our own socks and start buying them in stores?

I suppose one answer is that it’s actually cheaper to buy than make them, at least to make nice ones. But there is no comparison. Socks hand-knit with quality yarn are in a different league, universe, cosmos. I do not hyperbolize and I am utterly sincere. I am in love with my new socks. And bitterly, bitterly ashamed of ever making fun of the Sock of the Month club.

Have I abased myself enough, O Magic Sock Lady? Will you make me more, more, more socks? I have to take these off to wash them sometime, and then what will I wear??

The Socks, as photographed by their knitter.


Kate said...

You are now multiple sock worthy. That was very sweet and kind! You'll be glad to know that I'm moving you up the queue of worthiness...still under Nana and ME, but above just about everyone else.

Let's shop for yarn!

Rainey Day Knitter said...

I'm happy that you were able to redeem yourself! I think you were skating on thin ice there for awhile with your hand knit sock dis-ing. Welcome to the world of cozy warm feet ;)