Friday, January 11, 2008

The Power of Your Minds, Please

Further to the subject of New Year’s hopes, we are launching into our second year of house-hunting, an activity which has begun to depress us a little. However, we have dispensed with the realtor who had been working with us for the past 15 months. We were not happy with the quality or quantity of her efforts to find us our new home and finally decided to make a fresh start with the New Year. You might even say we resolved to get a new realtor!

So we have met with a new young fellow who we hope, even as you read this, is out pounding the pavements for the elusive ranchers with basements. SRH would very much like to be done with the daily navigation of stairs, so we would appreciate it if all of you Grammar fans would set up a clamour to the Powers that Be (however you perceive them) requesting that 2008 will see us moved into our new home.

Oh, SHR? That’s semi-retired husband.

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