Friday, July 6, 2007

The New Honda Fit

We bought a new car today. This is not something most of us do that often in a lifetime, and especially not Retired Husband (aka He Who Shall Remain Nameless) and I, who tend to drive our vehicles at least 10 or 12 years into the ground before replacing them. So it's still a pretty exciting event.

Until very recently, we owned an 01 Honda Accord and an 03 Honda Civic. Although we liked both vehicles, we had come to a realization that it was a slight tactical error to equip ourselves with two sedan automobiles. In neither car, for example, is it easy to put a lawnmower for transporting to a repair shop. Or large boxes and things. Just not practical.

So we had been thinking of trading the Civic in on a little hatchback. We had thought we'd wait another year or so, until Broken Leg Boy (who is well mended and needs a new name, which I think I will bestow upon him momentarily) was out of the house and/or had a vehicle of his own before getting a brand new one for ourselves.

However, BLB, henceforth to be known as Scrapheap Boy, rather precipitated the event by a couple of weeks ago involving our Civic in an accident in which no one was hurt, the airbags didn't even deploy, and yet trashed the car beyond redemption. Something to do with the whole engine being knocked out of place or something; I don't know. Grammar doesn't worry her pretty little head about those manly mechanical details. (She is liberated in all ways except for mechanical details. Never going to happen.)

So ICBC declared our poor little Civic unworthy of repair, and without fuss or ado issued us a cheque which, somewhat to our surprise, we considered more than fair market value. We had researched that topic thoroughly on such websites as Craigslist and Buy and Sell and had been quite prepared to debate the issue.

So today we went to our favourite Honda dealership, where we have had excellent service over the years, and now we own a car that looks just like this:

Isn't it cute?

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Kate said...

She looks like a cute little lady bug!