Thursday, November 20, 2008


While the rest of you complain about the rain and the dark and the cold, those of us whose favourite season is fall are sitting back and enjoying ourselves. Yes, it is dark and rainy outside, but in my house I have warm pockets of light in each room, because I am politically incorrect and, in weather like this, I actually leave lights on. (I am sorry, militant green people, but I do not wish to live surrounded by a sea of darkness.) I also have the gas fireplaces flickering in the living room and family room/kitchen. My iPod is docked in its stereo base and set to play loudly enough that I can hear my music throughout the house. I did a good clean this morning, so everything gleams. My home feels cozy and welcoming. It doesn’t matter that I am currently the only one in it: it is a wonderful thing to feel cozy and welcomed in my own home.

There is tea, and sugar cookies, and an engaging book. There are two warm, purring kitties. I can curl up on my couch and let the rain fall outside. I have done my chores, and I have all I need right here, and this afternoon is all mine.

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