Friday, June 1, 2007

Broken Leg Update

Broken Boy is feeling a bit better today. He received much poor-babying from a lady friend last night, and got some good news upon seeing the doc this morning. The break is called, for those of you seeking definitive terminology, a spiral fracture. He also has a badly sprained ankle, but that will heal faster than the fracture. I guess if he had to break his leg, this sort of fracture of the fibula is a pretty good one to have.

Although the healing process is expected to take six weeks, he will not need to have the full-bore plaster cast, but instead something called a "Moon Boot" (which I thought sounded cool but Jamie thinks sounds a tad gay). He is to acquire this item this afternoon, and can remove it for showers and sleeping. He will not have to use crutches with the Moon Boot.

He was also pleased to be issued with a prescription for Percocet to get him through the first rough nights (he didn't really sleep at all last night). Apparently when the pharmacist (a young lady) asked him if he'd had Percocet before and he replied in the negative, she just smiled. "Good stuff, huh?" Jamie asked. "No comment," the pharmacist replied, still smiling.

And at least this will not keep him from his beloved recording work. He has a session this afternoon which he looks forward to wearing his gay Moon Boot to!

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